Bug tracking software evaluation and comparison: ClearQuest, TrackRecord, ExtraView, RMTrack, Jira, Remedy, Aardvark

Bug Tracking Software Vendors

The following links compare Bugzero with some other commercial bug tracking software. The comparison is either based on the first hand experiences when we used them in the past, or based on the public information we got from the corresponding websites. Please be aware that, these comparisons are time sensitive and some statements can be outdated at the time you read them. We encourage you to try out the latest versions side-by-side with Bugzero and see for yourself. We are sure you'll come back to us. Here are some points to watch out:
  • The tool has endless fields to be filled, and it takes 30 minutes for a simple report that should be done in 1 minute.
  • Confusing fields and hard to decide which field is the proper one to enter the data.
  • Slow, slow, and just slow
  • The tool is hated, no one wants to use it.
  • You spent too much time explaining to others how to use the tool.
  • You just can't get it to work the way you want.
Fastbugtrack (no longer exist)
PVCS Tracker
TeamTrack (Team Track)
TestTrack Pro
Problem-Tracker (NetResults)
Track-Gear of LogiGear (no longer exist)
Bugzero is proven   bug tracking and defect tracking tool
The most expensive:
ClearQuest (Rational Software, now IBM), TrackRecord (Compuware), TestDirector/QC (Mercury Interactive, now HP), Remedy Quality Management, PVCS Tracker (Merant, now Serena, discontinued), TeamTrack (TeamShare, now Serena), DevTrack (TechExcel), Visual Intercept.
The less expensive:
Problem Tracker (NetResults), Census (MetaQuest), Defect Tracker (Pragmatic), TestTrack Pro (Seapine), ExtraView (Sesame Technology), FogBUGZ (Fog Creek Software), PR-Tracker, RMTrack, Jira (Atlassian), TrackStudio.
The free open source software:
Bugzilla, Gnats.
Help desk IT support software:
Track-It! (Intuit Track-It), FootPrints (UniPress FootPrint)
* If you find any comparison that is unfair, please do let us know and we'll correct it immediately.
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