DevTracker bug defect tracking evaluation

DevTrack vs. Bugzero

DevTrack (DevTest) is expensive. We tried the company's online demo (DevTrack version 5.x in 2004) and below is our experience. Experience may vary, and you should try it out by youself.
  • The first impression of TechExcel DevTrack interface is nice. However, you will notice many things are not aligned correctly, for example, some menus show only half. You can also feel the page is loaded really slowly.
  • The search button is not on every page. For example, if you are on the Detail, New, Report etc pages, you have to click on the Issue List page and only then the search button appears.
  • On the left side frame of DevTrack, many buttons are confusing. For example, if you click on the Notes, it displays a panel to add New. But to where? to which bug?
  • How does DevTrack handle attachments? It seems that you have to save the bug first and then add Notes and then add attachment.
  • Technically, Dev Track server supports Windows operating systems only.
   Bugzero is proven
bug tracking and defect tracking tool
Go for it!

Note: Statements above are time sensitive and they may not apply to the current versions of the product. You are advised to check out the current version and compare for yourself.

Try out DevTrack and Bugzero side-by-side, compare and see for yourself.

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