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TeamTrack vs. Bugzero

With such an expensive price tag, you might think TeamTrack (Team Tracker) must have some impressive features that Bugzero does not have. Well, you decide. The following are based on a real user experience in 2002 using an early version of TeamTrack, 5.x, experience may vary.
  • Each time a user uses TeamTrack, he or she has to login twice. The first one is a form based authentication, and the second one is an Applet. The administrator tried to turn off the second login, but never succeeded.
  • TeamTrack's user interface is 'cumbersome' to some people. For example, one need take many steps even for a simple operation, such like to query a bug with an known number!
  • How about the frames it uses? The detail bug is in a frame that you won't see it until you scroll the page down.
  • With TeamTrack, one can modify the bug description etc any time and there is no record for the change whatsoever. The problem is not for other tracked fields, it is for the description field, later versions may have fixed this problem.
  • TeamTrack server supports only Windows OS (later versions of TeamTrack supports Unix OS).
  • Team Track has since been bought by Senera (in 2003 or 2004).
   Bugzero is proven
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Go for it!

Note: Statements above are time sensitive and they may not apply to the current versions of the product. You are advised to check out the current version and compare for yourself. The Senera Software wrote to us on 6/14/2006 pointed out that the above statements do not apply to their latest versions of the product.

Try out TeamTrack (Team Tracker) and Bugzero side-by-side, compare and see for yourself.

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