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FogBUGZ vs. Bugzero

FogBUGZ and Bugzero both have a clean, easy to use user interface. FogBUGZ is easy to use, but not flexible, it lacks certain features that are most likely required by many organizations. The below statemenets are based on information available on their website in 2004.
  • FogBUGZ does not have workflow, so that anybody can do anything. This may be problematic if you have a workflow process to enforce.
  • FogBUGZ does not have any custom fields, so you have to live with whatever it has. This is certainly an extreme. While too many fields can confuse and discourage people to use the system, custom fields are most likely required because you simply cannot fit everyone to one model. Of course, you cannot remove a field either, even if you do not need it (you might be able to do it by changing the source code).
  • FogBUGZ has no configurable field validation. For example, you can leave the title field blank even though you really want it be filled mandatory.
  • FogBUGZ does not have access (permission) control. Access control is useful as long as it is not impedimental. For example, you may not want a guest to see all the bugs in the system.
  • FogBUGZ has no control over the projects a user can see. You can not configure that a certain project is seen only by some certain users, or a certain user can only see some certain projects.
  • If you go to FogBUGZ forum, you will find that, most of the features requested for FogBUGZ are already in Bugzero.
  • FogBUGZ, like Bugzero, share the idea that the system is created to help you to solve problems, rather than to cause more problems than it solves.
  • FogBUGZ, like Bugzero, can save incoming emails into the bug database. However, if the email has a large attachment, then, it will be extremely slow to view later, because the attachment has to be loaded up along with the issue.
  • FogBUGZ, like Bugzero, is simple to use.
   Bugzero is proven
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Email from FogCreek.com on 4/25/2006: "... saw some slightly obsolete information about FogBugz; perhaps your summary was based on an earlier version of FogBugz. FogBugz does now have permission/access control so that you can limit access to projects by users; a user can have full access, read-only access, or no access to a project. And a guest who's submitted a ticket via the web or via email can only see the tickets she herself has submitted. FogBugz now comes with two freeform text fields that the administrator can rename or remove on the configuration page."

Try out FogBugz and Bugzero side-by-side, compare and see for yourself.

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