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Problem-Tracker vs. Bugzero

Based on information available on their website in 2004, Problem-Tracker of NetResults is basically a Windows based application. The server does not work on Linux/Unix operating systems.
  • Problem-Tracker server supports only IIS web server. It does not support any other web/application servers.
  • Problem-Tracker supports only Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle databases, it does not support MySQL or any other databases.
  • ProblemTracker is web-based and has a reasonably complete feature set.
  • For end users, ProblemTracker supports only IE and Netscape.
  • We do not like the crowded UI ProblemTracker has, but some people may like it. They provide fully functional online demos and so you can try it out easily.
  • If you find any useful features that ProblemTracker has but Bugzero has not, please let us know.
   Bugzero is proven
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Note: Statements above are time sensitive and they may not apply to the current versions of the product. You are advised to check out the current version and compare for yourself.

Try out Problem-Tracker and Bugzero side-by-side, compare and see for yourself.

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